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For your convenience, we've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions.
This section is often updated, so check back frequently.

What is a Public Adjuster?

Most people do not know who "we" are. "We" are Public Insurance Adjusters and we work to serve the interests of the Public. The Insurance companies say that "we" cannot help ... however the Insurance Department says that we can. With a Public Adjuster on your side, you are in good hands.

The insurance companies have their own adjusters to handle your claim. They are employed to serve the interests of the Insurance Co. You may not be in such good hands without private representation ... that is where a Public Adjuster can help ... that is where "we" can help.

If you learn nothing more from this site, just understand this: An Insurance Company Adjuster works for the same Insurance Company that collects your premiums. Having this person represent you is like having the arresting Police Officer as your Defense Counsel ... GET THE PICTURE?

Why should I hire Moore Adjusters?

Moore Adjusters works for you ... we do NOT sway to the pressures of Insurance companies. Remember: Insurance companies make their profits from collecting premiums, NOT by paying out on claims ... the less they pay out on your claim the more money they make... BECOMING CLEARER?

So in sum, the Public Adjuster represents the Insured (that's You) and the Insurance Company Adjuster represents the Insurance Company. Which one do you want on your side? Of course, the Insurance Company Adjuster wants to be a hero and save His/ Her company money by paying out the least amount on your claim (and every other claim, for that matter) ... The less they pay on your claim the better it is for the Company. FINALLY GOT IT ?

Please, we want to be your Public Adjuster. Like a Lawyer or Accountant, the ones who aren't working for you, AREN'T WORKING FOR YOU!

Licensed & Bonded in New York & New Jersey

Professional Representatives & Advisors for the Insured

Specializing in All Commercial & Residential Property Claims

fire damage
Water damage
lightning damage
windstorm damage
flood damage
home collapse